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When you need money in a hurry, it is important to have options. Emergencies can often occur at the least favorable moments. Many times, payday is a week or two away when that unexpected bill arrives or a payment is due. It doesn't matter what the reason is, there are simply occasions when a paycheck advance is the only remedy to the situation. Too many people have worried needlessly when money is tight. If you want money before your next paycheck, it is important to know you have options.

Consider Requesting One from Your Company

Some employees may be lucky enough to belong to an employer who extends payroll advances in times of need. If these types of services are offered, the worker will usually have to document an unforeseen or emergency situation that warrants them offering one to you. Employers who offer this benefit typically create strict guidelines to go along with the loan. For example:

  • The number of times you can request advance funding are typically limited to one or two instances during a year
  • Most borrowing amounts are capped at a percentage of the staff member's normal gross pay and are accompanied by a repayment agreement
  • A repayment is typically facilitated through automatic payroll deduction
  • If an employee is terminated prior to repaying the balance, the amount may be deducted from the final paycheck (or severance) or the individual may be forced to make a personal payment if the balance exceeds unpaid salary
  • The worker may be required to attend a credit counseling program in order to use this convenience more than one time

As you can see, there are some pretty stringent rules an employee may be required to adhere to in order to receive a funds upfront from your workplace. Additionally, the individual has to consider the unwritten consequences that come from asking an employer for a loan. For example, asking for money could raise questions about the worker's ability to plan for expenses. This might reflect poorly upon the person's work ethic and reliability. While your company may offer upfront cash, we recommend considering a viable alternative you can take advantage of without putting your reputation and future with the company at stake.

We make it extremely easy to request financial assistance confidentially. You will not have to deal with any potentially embarrassing situations within your workplace by relying on an outside source. Also, there is absolutely no faxing required, long lines to wait in or complicated documentation to fill out. Once you have completed one simple form, you are ready to get the cash you desire! Our lending partners have offered assistance to those who require funds in a hurry.

How Can I Qualify for Relief?

In order to get the funding you require in a timely manner, you simply need to follow three easy steps. First, provide basic contact information. Second, specify your current employment information. Finally, choose the amount and whether you would like it deposited in your checking or savings account. The entire process is secure and you can rest assured knowing you are getting industry leading service.